Experience the Rich Flavors of Papua Barat: Top 10 Must-Try Dishes

Get ready to explore the delightful tastes of Papua Barat: Don't miss out on these ten must-try dishes.

Greetings, dear readers of incryptopedia.blogspot.com! As someone who has personally explored the culinary scene in different regions of Indonesia, let us take a journey together to the Western side, specifically in Papua Barat. Known for their seafood specialties and unique use of traditional ingredients, Papua Barat offers a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience for food enthusiasts. Without further ado, here are the top 10 dishes that you must try when in Papua Barat.

1. Papeda

A staple food in Papua Barat, papeda is a type of porridge made from sago flour and water. Its unique texture is similar to glue, making it a perfect accompaniment to various fish and meat dishes. Try it with a spicy yellow soup called kuah kuning or grilled fish with dabu-dabu chili sauce.

Papeda dish

2. Kuah Kuninng

A bright yellow soup made from turmeric, shallots, garlic, and various herbs, kuah kuning is a traditional soup dish that is commonly paired with papeda. With a savory yet refreshing taste, it is usually served with seafood such as fish or clams.

Kuah kuning dish

3. Ikan Kuah Asam

Ikan kuah asam is a sour fish soup made from different types of fish, such as barramundi or tuna. Cooked with tamarind, lemongrass, chili, and other spices, this dish offers a tangy and spicy flavor that is perfect for those who love soup with a kick!

Ikan kuah asam dish

4. Sate Manok

Sate manok, also known as chicken satay, is a popular Indonesian snack that has made its way to Papua Barat. Marinated with sweet and savory spices, chicken meat is skewered and grilled to perfection. Dip it in peanut sauce for an extra flavor boost!

Sate Manok dish

5. Ayam Panggang Saus Oranye

A savory grilled chicken dish marinated in a sweet and spicy orange sauce, ayam panggang saus oranye is a must-try dish in Papua Barat. The juicy chicken meat with a crispy skin is perfect paired with rice or papeda!

Ayam panggang saus oranye dish

6. Pepes Tongkol

Pepes tongkol is a type of fish cooked in banana leaves, creating a flavorful and aromatic dish. The fish is mixed with spices such as shallots, lemongrass, and chili, then steamed until cooked. Enjoy this dish with warm rice and sambal sauce.

Pepes Tongkol dish

7. Kuah Pakis

Kuah pakis, or fern soup, is a refreshing dish made from young fern leaves that are cooked in a clear broth. Served with boiled eggs and anchovies, this dish is perfect for cleansing your palate and cooling you down on a hot day.

Kuah Pakis dish

8. Sup Piting

Sup piting, or crab soup, is a rich and creamy soup made from crab meat and spices. The broth is made from the crab shells, creating a deep flavor that is perfect for a cold night. Serve it with lime and steamed rice for the ultimate dining experience.

Sup Piting dish

9. Gangan Ikan Tenggiri

Gangan ikan tenggiri is a spicy fish stew that is flavored with tamarind, chili, and lemongrass. The use of fresh vegetables such as taro leaves and papaya add a unique texture and flavor to the stew. Enjoy it with papeda or steamed rice.

Gangan Ikan Tenggiri dish

10. Bakar Sagu

Bakar sagu, or grilled sago, is a unique dish made from the larvae of sago caterpillars. Mixed with spices such as garlic and shallots, the sago caterpillars are grilled until crispy. Despite its unusual ingredient, this dish offers a satisfying crunch and a nutty flavor.

Bakar Sagu dish

Price Comparison Table for Seafood in Papua Barat

Seafood DishPrice (IDR)
Gurame Goreng80,000
Ikan Bakar60,000
Kepiting Saus Padang130,000
Sate Udang25,000

Must-Visit Restaurants for Authentic Papua Barat Dishes

Restaurant NameRecommended Dish
Warung SaleroIkan Kuah Asam
Aroma Khas PapuaPapeda Kuah Kuning
Rawon AmalSate Manok
Rumah Makan Ikan Bakar PapuaIkan Bakar

Do's and Don'ts in Exploring Papua Barat's Cuisine

Try a variety of dishes to fully experience the cuisineDismiss unusual ingredients without trying them first
Be adventurous with spiceBe disrespectful to the cultural significance of the dishes
Support local businesses and try home-cooked mealsBe wasteful by not finishing your food

People Also Ask about Papua Barat Cuisine

What is the signature dish of Papua Barat?

The signature dish of Papua Barat is ikan kuah asam, which is a sour fish soup made from tamarind and various spices.

Is the food in Papua Barat spicy?

Yes, most of the dishes in Papua Barat are known for their use of spicy ingredients such as chili and turmeric.

What is sago?

Sago is a starch extracted from the pith of sago palms, which is commonly used in traditional cooking in Indonesia and other countries.

What are some non-seafood dishes in Papua Barat?

Aside from seafood dishes, there are also meat dishes such as ayam panggang saus oranye and pepes tongkol made with fish.

Where can I buy traditional snacks in Papua Barat?

You can buy traditional snacks in local markets or street vendors, offering various delicacies such as pisang goreng and klepon.


There you have it, folks! A gastronomic journey to the land where the sun sets – Papua Barat. With its diverse culinary offerings and unique use of ingredients, there's no doubt that Papua Barat is a food lover's paradise. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience and try these top 10 must-try dishes. Selamat makan!