Fitness and Exercise Apps for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads have access to a wide range of fitness and exercise applications.


Are you a digital nomad who struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of your work routine? If yes, then you are not alone. As a digital nomad, it can be challenging to prioritize fitness and exercise amidst a busy work schedule and constant travel. However, it is crucial to take care of your health and wellbeing, and that's where fitness and exercise apps come in handy.


As a digital nomad and fitness enthusiast, I understand the importance of staying active while working remotely. In this article, I will share my top fitness and exercise app recommendations and tips for staying healthy and fit while working remotely.

The Best Fitness and Exercise Apps for Digital Nomads

1. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is a free workout app that offers a variety of workouts, including HIIT, strength training, yoga, and Pilates. The app is perfect for digital nomads who want to stay fit without the need for gym equipment. Fitness Blender offers customizable workout plans that cater to your fitness level and goals.

Fitness Blender

2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is another free workout app that offers a wide range of workouts led by Nike master trainers. The app features personalized training plans, audio guidance, and video demonstrations to ensure proper form and technique.

Nike Training Club

3. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is a subscription-based audio workout app that offers thousands of workouts led by certified personal trainers. The app features a variety of workouts, including running, cycling, yoga, strength training, and more. Aaptiv offers customized workout plans based on your fitness level and goals.


4. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a free calorie counter and diet tracker app. The app allows you to track your food intake, set calorie goals, and monitor your progress. MyFitnessPal features a food database with over six million foods, making it easy to track your meals while on the go.


5. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app that offers guided meditation sessions. The app features a variety of meditation programs, including stress reduction, sleep, and focus. Headspace is perfect for digital nomads who want to prioritize mental well-being amidst a busy work schedule.


Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy as a Digital Nomad

1. Prioritize physical activity

It can be tempting to skip workouts when you have a busy work schedule or are traveling. However, prioritizing physical activity can help boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve overall health. Schedule in workouts or activities throughout the week and stick to them.

2. Make use of fitness facilities

Many hotels and Airbnb rentals have fitness facilities that are often underutilized. Take advantage of these facilities and incorporate gym sessions into your routine.

3. Incorporate active travel

Traveling is an excellent opportunity to incorporate physical activity. Explore new destinations on foot or bike, participate in outdoor activities, or take fitness classes in the local area.

4. Create a healthy workspace

Set up a workspace that encourages movement and healthy habits. Incorporate a standing desk, exercise ball, or resistance bands to incorporate small bouts of physical activity throughout the workday.

5. Practice healthy eating habits

Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet while traveling by preparing meals in advance or seeking out healthy food options in the local area. Apps like MyFitnessPal can also help track calorie intake and ensure proper nutrition.

The Benefits of Fitness and Exercise Apps for Digital Nomads

Using fitness and exercise apps as a digital nomad provides a variety of benefits, including:

  • Convenience and accessibility
  • Customizable workouts and training plans
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Improved mental and physical health


Incorporating fitness and exercise into a digital nomad lifestyle can be challenging, but it is essential for overall health and wellbeing. By utilizing fitness and exercise apps and adopting healthy habits, digital nomads can maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle while working remotely.